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17 Cheap Garden Path Ideas and Helpful Tutorials!

Here is a list of 17 cheap garden path ideas to use as a source of inspiration for your own yard.

We have been working on creating new pathways in our yard and as a result I’ve been doing a lot of research on types of walkways to make and how to best create a path.

That’s what inspired me to put this post together. I found these to be not only just creative and cool ideas, but most include tutorials as well, so you aren’t left hanging.

Weaving a garden pathway through your outdoor space is one of the best ways to define the space. And it will make such a large impact.

I’m learning a lot with each new path building experience, what a difference the right type of path can make.

In addition to helping with function, walkways of any kind will sculpt and shape your landscape.

What’s The Cheapest Way To Make A Garden Walkway?

The cheapest way to make a garden walkway is to first remove the grass and weeds and then compact the soil.

You can lay down landscape fabric to act as a weed barrier and then top it with either gravel or much.

Then you’ll need to use inexpensive materials to lay the path.

Inexpensive Path Materials To Use For A DIY Walkway

  • Natural materials such as wood chips
  • small stones like pea gravel or crushed granite
  • brick edging
  • landscape fabric
  • Natural stone such as Flagstone or fieldstone 

When it comes to high impact areas or heavy foot traffic, concrete walkways are the best choice. 

Not sure whether you should buy stepping stones for the path and have them installed, or if you should do it yourself? Then you may want to check out this guide that will help you choose whether to make your own garden path or pay to have it installed.

The Best Material For A Garden Path On Uneven Ground

Layering different-sized gravel is usually your best bet for leveling uneven ground.

If your slope is minor, you should be able to get away with one-size gravel, but make it small, like crushed granite.

Larger slopes will require larger-sized gravel, with a layer of crushed granite over top.  

Check out the beautiful garden path ideas below to start your garden design.

There are plenty of options for every skill level so you can get started right away.

17 Amazing Cheap Garden Path Ideas & Tutorials!

Here are 21 ideas specifically for using rocks to landscape your yard with.

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