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25 Owl Pumpkin Carving Patterns (Free Stencils)

We’re sharing a collection of free owl pumpkin carving patterns you can print and use to create your spooky and stylish pumpkins.

From simple owl designs to more intricate patterns, and funny owls and spooky owl patterns, this collection has carving templates for all skill levels.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we hope you’ll find a design you love. 

Three pumpkins with designs of owls carved from them using pdf printable pumpkin carving patterns.

So grab your free owl pumpkin carving patterns to make the most amazing carved Jack O’ Lantern for this year’s Halloween season. 

How To Choose The Best Pumpkin For Carving Owl Stencils

When searching for the perfect pumpkin, remember a few things.

Some carving patterns are more suited for taller pumpkins and some for wider ones, so be sure to choose a design that will fit the shape of your pumpkin.

Also, check for ripeness. A ripe pumpkin is easier to carve. The skin of the pumpkin will have more even coloring and be smoother.

These will be the darker-colored ones. A pumpkin patch or a farm stand is a great source for finding pumpkins.

Instructions on how to use a PDF printable on a pumpkin for carving are at the bottom of the page.

Owl Pumpkin Carving Patterns PDFs

For more pattern options, take a look at these free pumpkin carving stencils of witches, cute and creepy ghosts, and spooky skulls.

A cute owl with glasses sits on a tree branch. This pumpkin pattern would be great for a pumpkin that is wider at the bottom.

Hoo, hoo. The quintessential owl shape. Perfect for a pumpkin.

A great look from the stern eyes from this bird of prey.

This owl has amazing tufts of feathers. I bet he needs hairspray to hold those feathers up like that!

A fantastic stencil for an owl with huge eyes.

A flying owl with its wings spread wide comes out from the moonlight.

Speaking of moons, after scrolling through these, take a look at our stars and moons carving patterns.

This owl template is great for a wide and round pumpkin. It has some details and thin lines, so is great for more experienced pumpkin carvers.

This owl has a great face shape. His glasses make him look very wise.

An owl with a pumpkin face and googly eyes.

A stoic owl with his arms up, in flight.

A beautiful full body owl pumpkin carving stencil.

A sideways owl with a full body view

A sweet owl with big eyes.

A funny owl on a branch.

A sweet owl sits on a branch and awaits for food to arrive.

An owl with a serious look in its eyes.

An owl with very dramatic tufts of feathers.

A shy owl stands ready for Halloween treats.

This beautiful owl carving will have your friends in awe of your amazing carving skills.

This owl looks very bookish. I’m sure he graduated with a master’s degree of some sort. Probably ornithology.

Simple Pumpkin Carving Templates

A simple PDF pattern of a cute owl face.

An easy owl pumpkin carving. This owl has fun tufts of feathers.

This is probably one of the easiest pumpkin carving patterns on our list.

A serious looking owl. This will look great curved into a pumpkin.

Another cute and easy pumpkin carving pattern. This fun owl with zany eyes will look cute on the front porch.

A nice full body template of an owl sitting on a branch.
This one is available on a different website (in jpg format).

If you like fish and other ocean-themed critters, check out our fish carving patterns.

We also have Star Wars themed patterns and these awesome pumpkin carving patterns of cats.

Instructions For How To Use Owl Pumpkin Carving Patterns

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Are you using a foam pumpkin for this instead of a real one? Then check out this detailed tutorial for how to carve a foam pumpkin using a stencil.

First, you’ll carve your pumpkin. The carving kits you see in stores or online are usually quite helpful. I like to use this kit and these extra carving tools.

And remember to save your pumpkin seeds to cook up for a delicious treat while carving.

These patterns are all free PDF files and are free to print. 

After choosing your favorite from the free owl pumpkin carving templates, click to print. The owl templates are designed to fit a standard-sized pumpkin, but if your pumpkin is very large or small, you can change the Scale in your print settings.

Change the number (where it says Scale) to 90% for smaller or 110% for larger. It’s hard to say. You may need to play with it.

Once you have your printed pdf stencil, tape it to the pumpkin. Blue painter’s tape is best for this.

The idea is that you will carve only the grey areas.

I like to use a thumbtack to create tiny holes first to outline the edges of the grey. 

Then use the tools from your carving kit to cut away everything in grey. 

When done, place a battery-powered tea light inside your carved owl pumpkin decoration. Then display it on your front porch for the neighborhood to see. 

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

Three pumpkins with designs of owls carved from them using pdf printable pumpkin carving patterns.

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

Three pumpkins with designs of owls carved from them using pdf printable pumpkin carving patterns.

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