DIY Cement Jack O’ Lantern

diy cement jack o lantern on steps

Make a spooky cement Jack O’ Lantern for Halloween out of cement and a plastic pumpkin.

What Not To Do:

Don’t decide to forego gloves for mixing cement on any of these steps. Although I know what happens, this is what I did for one of the steps and had lovely pin sized holes on my finger tips where the skin melted away. Live and learn-again ;).

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 Difficulty level- Moderate


Remove handle from pumpkin

First, remove the plastic handle from the pumpkin, just give it a tug.

Next, mark out the hole for the light on the bottom of the pumpkin by tracing around it with the marker.

Step 2 | Create A Hole In The Top:

Step: Cut top of plastic pumpkin

Cut a hole in the top to fit the candle. Start by making the cut just outside the line to allow the candle to fit easily. Do this outside the line using a little pressure and a bit of a sawing motion. Please be careful and cut away from your body and your fingers! Once you have the hole cut, carefully punch it out through the bottom.

Step: Fit the candle light

Make sure the candle light fits.

Step 3 | Cut Out The Rest Of The Pumpkin Parts:

Step: Cut the face of the cement pumpkin

Do the same for the eyes, nose and mouth of the pumpkin. Go slowly here so you don’t tear through the parts that need to stay intact. The plastic in the face is thinner and will cut easily.

Step 4 | Fill In The Handle Holes:

Step: Fill handle holes

Use the hot glue gun to fill in the side holes where the handle was. Just put a small dab on both holes.

Step: Position plastic bag

With a paper towel, wipe off some of the oil around the edges of the bag where you will be gluing it. With the glue gun, place the hot glue about ¼” from the edge and start to attach the cut bag to it. Keep going until it is glued all the way around. You may want to do a second run of glue to be sure it won’t leak. Then trim off any excess plastic, if there is any.

Step 5 | Make Your Cement Mixture:

Step: Cement mixture consistency

Step 6 | Pour The Cement Mixture:

Step: Pour cement in pumpkin

Step: Cement filling bag

Let the cement fill and puff out the plastic bag. If you miss some parts of the pumpkin, it’s okay this will be refined in the next step.

Step: Position while curing

Let the pumpkin rest on the wide mouth container with the bag inside to let it cure properly.

Using paper towels, wipe off any cement that has dripped over the edges of the openings. This will make it much easier to de-mould (I made the mistake of not doing this as you can see in the photos). Let it cure for an hour.

Step 7 | Reinforce The Mould:

Step 8 | Demould The Cement From The Jack O’Lantern:

Step: Heat tool slice to demould
Step: Sideways cut with heat tool


Once you get it opened far enough, you should be able to easily pull the plastic away like you are peeling an orange.

Step 9 | Create The Base For The Stalk:

Step: Lines for stalk

Step 10 | Create The Actual Stalk:

Step: Cement for stalk

Step: Twist cement stalk

Twist the bag slightly and pull to make the pumpkin stem. Fold the bag over to hold the cement in on the bottom and tie a knot in the top.

Step: Twisted cement on pumpkin

Step 11 | Adhere The Stalk To The Cement Jack O’Lantern:

Step: Finished cement pumpkin

diy cement jack o lantern on steps
Final Step: DIY Cement Jack o Lantern
DIY Halloween cement Jack O Lantern
diy cement jack o lantern on steps
diy cement jack o lantern on steps
diy cement jack o lantern on steps
diy cement jack o lantern on steps