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35 Easy Handmade Concrete Gift Ideas

Easy handmade gift ideas with concrete! Here are 35 tutorials for making unique gifts for the holidays or any occasion, all made with concrete. 

Are you wondering what you can make for someone to give as a gift? Are you a concrete enthusiast?

Stop shopping the stores for the perfect gift to buy! Check out these 35 amazing ideas, with detailed tutorials so you can make one of these wonderful concrete gifts instead.

Easy Handmade Concrete Gift Ideas

Concrete is such a versatile material, you’ll be amazed with how many unique items can be made with concrete.

You can make just about any decorative item you can think of, as well as functional concrete items. And making your own homemade gifts is such a great way to personalize a special occasion.

What supplies do I need to make my own concrete gifts? You’ll only need a few things for many of these tutorials.

Typical Materials Needed To Make Concrete Gifts

  • A Bag of concrete –which you can grab at Home Depot or any home improvement store
  • Some outdoor space –is ideal, but a garage is also great. If you don’t have either, a dining room table will suffice, but be safe because cement dust is dangerous, so wear a mask
  • Safety glasses
  • Mixing bowl
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Molds of your choice

35 Easy Handmade Gift Ideas With Concrete

Here are 35 amazing and easy DIY concrete crafts you can make to give as gifts. These detailed tutorials will have you quickly making some of the best homemade gifts yet!

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Easy Handmade Concrete Gift Ideas

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