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9 Quick Concrete Planters: You Can Make In An Hour

In a hurry? Here are 9 DIY quick concrete planters that you can make in just an hour.

This is no joke, these quick concrete planters really can be made in one hour.

You may still need to wait a day for the concrete to cure. But most of these tutorials use the rapid setting and rapid curing cement mix, so the cure time is only one hour.

You’ll have a ready-made planter in two hours!

Why are these planters so quick to make? Because they don’t require too much fussing to make the molds.

multiple pretty, quick diy concrete planters DIY

Concrete planters can be made very quickly, it’s usually the mold that inhibits the ability to get these DIY planters made in under an hour.

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Common Materials For Making Quick DIY Concrete Planters

Please see the individual tutorials for the complete list.

Here is a list of all the essential supplies for making concrete crafts. This article details what’s important vs. what’s nice to have.

Pocket Guide to Concrete & Cement Mixes For Crafts
Grab the free pocket guide. It has a handy chart for choosing the right mix for your project.

9 DIY Quick Concrete Planter Tutorials

9 Quick concrete planters that you can make in just 1 hour. If you are looking for a short project, then just take your pick from any of these handmade planter tutorials. You'll have your own DIY concrete planter in no time!

Tips For Making Quick Concrete Planters

How do you make a concrete planter? The general method used to make a homemade quick concrete planter is to take one part water and mix it with four parts cement. 

How Do You Mix Cement And Concrete For Quick Concrete Pots?

mixing cement for a quick concrete planter

To mix cement for pots, mix the water and cement until there are no lumps.

Depending on the mold you are using, you will want a consistency between a thick milkshake and peanut butter. If the walls of your mold are thin, then the consistency needs to be on the thinner side.

Next, you’ll pour the concrete or cement mixture into your mold and let it cure for the duration marked on the bag. This can be one hour or 24 hours, typically.

Once it has cured, remove the homemade concrete planter from the mold.

You may need a little troubleshooting when making a homemade cement planter. The most likely problem you may run into is that your concrete pots are cracking. 

Why Do Planters Crack?

purple marbled quick-made concrete planter with hairline crack down side

Concrete and cement planters crack usually because either too much water was used in the mix, or weather conditions dried it too quickly.

And that made the cement or concrete contract, causing it to crack. This cracking problem is unrelated to how long it takes to make them.

To prevent cracking in cement pots, you can lightly mist them with water and wrap them in plastic while curing.

You can read more about troubleshooting concrete cracking issues in this post.

If you are wondering which cement is best for making pots, then you should understand the differences between the concrete and cement mixes. 

Depending on the size of your DIY concrete planter, you may need a mix that contains more aggregate or a mix that needs to be smooth.

Here’s an article where I compared 6 different types of concrete crafts mixes.

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